The Navigation Tool enables you to move around the map, as well as find the location of specific coordinates.

For general information on how to zoom in and out, pan around, and specify coordinates, click here.

For specific information on how to use the Navigation Tool, click on the following links to Zoom, Pan/Move, and specify Coordinates.

 Navigation Tools  

The Search tool is accessed by typing in the search bar on the top left of the Public Web Map display window. (Figure.1)

Figure. 1

Navigation Bar



The My Location tool takes the advantage of HTML Geolocation. When the app runs on desktop computers, it uses information from the Internet Service Provider to approximate a location. When the app runs on mobile devices, by default it uses GPS on the device to determine location. However, comparing to apps such as Google Maps or Apple Maps, the accuracy of the location in a browser-based map varies based on the type of browser and device. This is a known limitation.

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