The Navigation Tool is one of the main tools in the Public Web Map.

The Navigation Tool enables you to zoom in & out and to move the map by panning.

The Navigation Tool also allows you to get coordinates of certain points on the map.


  1. Current coordinates of the cursor

By default, the coordinate of the cursor is displayed on the Scale Bar, as shown in Figure.1. It changes as the user moves the cursor.


  1. Coordinates of a certain point on the map

  1. Click on the crosshair icon on the Scale Bar to enable clicking map to get coordinates, as shown in Figure.2.
  2. Click on the map. A green point will appear right on the point where you clicked.
  3. The coordinates of the green point, instead of the cursor, will be displayed on the Scale Bar.
  4. The coordinates will stay constant until you click on the crosshair-like icon again.


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