The Web Map allows you to use a measure tool to annotate your current view of the map.

By using points, lines and shapes you can measure distances and areas right of the Web Map.

Why would I use this?

If you find yourself asking how big is that parcel or building?, how far is my commute to work?, can I put notes or labels on the map?, then the redlining and measuring tool is for you!

Measurement Tool

Open the Measurement Tool – click on the icon on the Tool Bar. Three icons corresponding to three different types of tools will appear.

Measure Location

  1. Click on the icon to open the Point Measurement Tool.

  2. By default, the unit for measurement is Degrees. You can select a different unit from the dropdown list.

  1. Single click on the map to place a marker.  The coordinates will show up under Measurement Result, to the right of the symbol. 

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