Once you have located a property, you can download a copy of a Property Report, which includes property tax information and a photo.

The report is generated as a PDF, giving you the ability to save or print the document. 

There are a few options of reports that are available through the Public Web Map. Click the following links for more information on how to Purchase Tax Certificate, View Zoning Map, and to View Ratepayer Summary.

Property Report:

  1. Find the property by either entering an Address Search Field tool or clicking on a property.  The map will zoom to and highlight the selected property. The Property Information Window will also open up to display information on the selected property.


  1. Click on the “Property Report” link on the property information window. (Figure.2) The property report will be opened in a new browser tab as a PDF document.

Save or Print

When the property report or zoning map is opened in a new browser tab, you can use the PDF buttons on the browser to save it (red box) or print it out (blue box).

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